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Below is a collection of images, photographs, artists impressions, floor plans, and site plans for Walnut Holdings Ltd - Please click the thumbnails below to view them individually or view the Walnut Holdings Ltd Slideshow:

This beautiful view shows Madara mountains to the west which is the main view that Walnut Grove residents will see from their new 4 bed detached houses.  Note that the mountain below shows the proposed golf course site on a plateau and the housing development is below this- bordering a small forest
A picture facing east- opposite from first picture. This shows the land that is being used as a vineyard and will be developed into a general communal area for horse riding, wine making/tasting, astro football ground and many other amenities such as childrens play areas and a hotel.
Northerly facing which shows the main A road access from Varna to Shumen and the westerly turning into the village. Note the village is 1km from here and the parallel motorway is a 5 minute drive- about 5km away.
This is opposite picture to the previous picture - facing south and shows Varna as being 53 km from our village and the westerly turning again- on the right. One can drive south on this road - to Varna- if there is a problem with the motorway.
The 1km westerly access road to our village which forms a cul de sac effect from the main road. There is no through traffic in the village, no motorway or A road noise and the small picturesque village already has around 6 British inhabitants.
The village square which has various buildings for developing into shops, a pub, recreation halls and restaurants etc. We are planning a co operative mix of businesses to enable swapping of goods. We will be expecting all food to be home grown and organic. Do not forget the co operative ideal means little exchange of cash- meaning a self sufficient village- which cuts outgoings considerably- to provide a healthy and cheaper lifestyle.
A typical village house that has been refurbished. This house is owned by British people in our village who bought the basic shell of a house and converted it traditionally. Note that lots of foreigners buy in Bulgaria for £20,000 and refurbish for a further 20k. This can be provided if you want a small plot with a smaller house and note there can be problems with old houses- so care must be taken here- much more so than buying your own large brand new detached house on a quarter acre of land which is what we are proposing.
This is the only local village church which is christian and is built in traditional Bulgarian style. The village is a christian village. There are lots of buildings like this to visit in the area. The historical Madara and Pliska areas are within a 15 minute drive and Shumen within a 20 minute drive.
A typical Bulgarian style detached house that we will be building for our clients. Note the mix of wood, stone and painted areas that will be used to contrast the design of our houses and provide variety to our clients. Do not forget the houses are reinforced concrete throughout and are not to be confused with flimsy British built houses and they are not timber framed or built prefabricated. Clients need to be careful to compare new house structures and old house refurbs- and compare like with like.
A typical Bulgarian stone wall and parapet that our clients can use if they so wish and it is likely we will be providing this at the entrance of our development - as a feature- unless clients views dictate otherwise.
Typical entrance to an individual plot - using traditional timber doors- which are usually electrically operated.
Another example of how wood and in this case brick- can be integrated into the design of a house in Bulgaria.
This photo shows how we will construct the pantile roofs and shows how a wall could interact with the house.
Another typical view of a house with a barbeque that we plan to build for each house as this really is a must in Bulgaria.
A traditional Bulgarian bird nesting in a typical Bulgarian village. These birds are a type of stork- native to Bulgaria- that like to build their nests in highly visual areas- as shown. The birds represent part of Bulgarian culture and celebrations are rife when they arrive from Africa in the spring.
The spine road position at the housing development and you can see the eastern boundary line of  the site- which is a forest. Note the site is on a gradient- which forms a natural south facing view and unrestricted views for homeowners.
A northerly view of our site- and shows the forest boundary line and gradient of the site and illustrates protection from the North by the use of trees and south west facing slope. Please remember the sun rises in the east and settles in the west- which is one of the main reasons we chose this site.
This is the basic site plan of Walnut Grove and shows 50 no. quarter acre plots and also shows the position of the proposed golf course. The houses will be positioned/elevated to make sure that south westerly views are uninterrupted.
This drawing shows a simplified perspective view of proposed detached houses showing the use of colours/materials to provide a base for perspective clients input.
This typical ground floor plan shows what can be achieved with a 10m by 7m floor dimension. We have also produced another ground floor plan- to illustrate the flexibility that potential clients have with our housing development.  It is worth looking at the first floor plans- which show what a large 4 bed detached house in Bulgaria should give clients- at a minimum. Please note that these areas are the minimum required for a new 4 bed detached house in Bulgaria - as otherwise you will be short of floor space which is one main reason for moving from British homes in the first place.
This first floor plan shows what size a large 4 bedroom detached needs to be to fit in a family sized bathroom and a large en suite bathroom also. Note that there is another first floor plan to show the flexibility that client's will have for their individual choices. Note again that this area is the minimum area to live comfortably in a 4 bedroom house.
This is an alternative ground floor plan and it is worth noting the different fireplace position and the different kitchen size etc. Clients can choose a more open plan arrangement etc- depending on their individual needs. Note that wall positions are flexible due to concrete slabs and we will not suffer much from loadbearing wall inflexibility.
This is the alternative first foor plan and it is worth noting in particular- in conjunction with the alternative plan- the way that a veranda can be incorporated by the client. We advise on a veranda due to the views and do not forget that if you want the living areas on the first floor- then this is not a problem.
This site layout gives a more perspective view incorporating colour coordination and trees etc to help clients get a better picture of scale though we strongly recommend a site viewing- before any deposits etc are paid. Do not forget that as soon as you pay the 20% deposit- the land is yours and you can build a house yourself/with your own builder but the house has to conform to planning restrictions in all cases.

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