About Us

Walnut Holdings Ltd has been formed with the sole intention of providing a unique, no risk option for people wanting to move abroad to Bulgaria.

Do not get us confused with the traditional so called Developer who offer a traditional off plan option to potential clients.

Our clients have a unique opportunity in that once they pay their 20k GBP deposit (exc VAT if required ) – they own the plot of land they have chosen- with detailed planning and construction permission in place.
The owners of Walnut Holdings Ltd have spent 3-4 years looking for the perfect place to live abroad– taking into account the following 20 factors.

The task has not been easy but we have been successful:-

  1. Best value large detached houses abroad
  2. Move abroad for under £100,000-00 (GBP)
  3. Perfect climate- with proper seasons
  4. South facing plots with mountain views
  5. Houses on a gently sloping hillside
  6. 40 minutes maximum drive to coast
  7. Unrestricted views of mountains- south facing
  8. Golf courses near/on site with other planned amenities
  9. Area of outstanding natural beauty and historic interest
  10. Quality roads with full access- already in place
  11. A traditional small village with no through traffic
  12. Easy access to quality built motorway/ A roads
  13. Local shops/supermarket availability
  14. Safe/secure place to live in established quiet village
  15. Healthy/clean air and rich green arable land
  16. Local organic livestock/vegetable/fruit availability
  17. 50 plus quality house capability but not built up
  18. Low tax rates for foreigners with flexible tax options
  19. Low cost of living with friendly local people
  20. 3 hours maximum plane journey from UK.

We challenge clients to find anywhere in the world that ticks all of the above boxes for property in Bulgaria.

We believe we have found in Zaychino Oreshe (Walnut Grove), Bulgaria; the perfect area to retire and one of the best value places to live in the world.

Please look through our website and contact us with any queries as we are sure that this zero risk development will not be available for long and potential clients who contact us first will obtain the best plots of land for themselves.

Note also that there are already British and other nationalities living in the village of Zaychino Oreshe (Walnut Grove).

Walnut Holdings will provide totally independent financial advice to clients- at no cost– so ask for our advice about moving abroad- and we will try to help.

Thank you and enjoy our site which is meant to be generally informative for people considering moving abroad and not full of sales waffle and marketing gimmicks!

We hope this is the case and welcome your input.

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