Q: When will we own the land?
A: You will own the land with building approval when you pay the 20k GBP (exc VAT ) deposit- unlike most other house purchases. There is an option to buy a plot of land with a rough constructed house to act 14 stage for 80K GBP (inc VAT) or 85K GBP with basement (inc VAT).

Q: What risks are we left open to during construction etc?
A: No risk to you- as you only pay us in stages eg; approx 20% for land, 15% for infrastructure etc; 15% for foundation works, 15% for house structure, 30% for internals and 5% for snagging at completion.

Q: Are we south facing?
A: Yes- all our properties on Walnut Grove, Zaychino Oreshe are south facing.

Q: Do we have uninterrupted views?
A: Yes- all properties will see over each other to Madara and other mountain regions.

Q: Are houses on hillside?
A: Yes- a south facing hillside- but not an inaccessible gradient.

Q: Can we hear traffic noise?
A : No- the motorway is over a mile away- and is not visible nor can you hear it.

Q: Is the village busy?
A: No- your village is not a through road to major roads but is a village with a cul de sac effect.

Q: What facilities exist nearby?
A: There is a golf course planned next to the village along with a high quality winery with numerous offshoot facilities such as a hotel, spa’s, astroturf, horse riding, play areas etc: Shops are planned in the village as buildings already exist- but note Shumen is only 15 mins drive and Varna is only 30 minute drive.

Q: What about the golf course?
A: The golf course will likely be owned by the local authority and run privately. It will be a 3 minute walk from our houses- to the rear of the site- on the hill . There are other courses planned within a 10 minute drive.

Q: How will houses be built?
A: The houses are not flimsy like the UK and Ireland but they will be steel reinforced concrete with concrete floors etc- built under similar building regulation rules to the UK.

Q: Can we have say in layout etc?
A: Yes- we want to offer flexible packages for clients as everyone wants something different but houses will be built in similar external appearance to avoid architecural carbuncles.

Q: How long before we can move in?
A: We estimate a 6 month maximum wait from paying the deposit for land.

Q: Can we visit the site anytime?
A: Of course- subject to safety regulations- so we would recommend contacting us first. We will also be making available a 24 hour webcam facility.

Q: Can we pull out at various stages?
A: Yes- you can pull out after every payment you make in stages as shown above and carry on next stage yourself.

Q: What other risks would you mention?
A: Please understand that what we are providing clients with is a totally flexible payment system that is based on what you see is what you get. We do not know of any other builder/developer that will offer the above level of protection to their clients during the house buying process.

The only risk to you is house prices- but we cannot cater for that- the same as we cannot cater for currency risk etc: We have strived to offer the fairest system available and that is exactly what we have achieved.

Please also refer to our Facts and Figures. This section covers all queries about moving abroad – especially to Bulgaria.

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