Bulgaria to be the Next Spain

According to a recent 2008 Place in the Sun Channel 4 episode- 5 years ago they tipped Bulgaria to be the next Spain. The bottom line was that they confirmed what all the British people living in Bulgaria now know and that is the best deals are Inland and actually the best place to live is Inland- The Real Bulgaria that is. The episode said that 50,000 British have bought property in Bulgaria but mainly on the beach resorts such as Sunny beach and Golden sands and also in the ski resorts such as Bansko and Pamporovo. They gave an example that there are now at least 20,000 flats for sale in Sunny Beach alone and the numbers are growing. There are thousands of British that have bought property without even visiting Bulgaria- which is frightening – and the golden rule in Bulgaria- as in other countries- is think quality and not quantity. Lots of buyers have not done this and will suffer the consequences. The next Spain- ???? It already is in some areas of Bulgaria where greed and stupidity has come before common sense.

30 mins inland from Varna- you are able to buy new 4 bed quality detached houses with lots of land for around £100k (GBP). Please don’t fall into the trap of buying 10-20k old properties to renovate for 20k as the renovation costs will be nearer to 50k and the locations are generally not good.

You can purchase brand new reinforced concrete 4 bed detached properties on 1000m squared ( ¼ acre ) plots with 160-180m squared of living area- with beautiful views etc for up to 100k (GBP) net.. This is extremely good value for money bearing in mind you are 40 mins from the Varna beach, in beautiful countryside surroundings with fishing, hunting, horse riding etc all on your doorstep with shopping malls in Shumen within 15 mins if you need them. You are also 25 mins from the airport- not that this fact matters much but…… Please also bear in mind that apartments in Shumen are now selling for around 70k (GBP) which means 100k (GBP) for a new 4 bed detached property with a large plot of land etc is extremely good value.

It is also worth noting that the city of Varna has a population nearing 1/2 million people and Shumen has a population nearing 100,000. The point here is that most foreign buyers do not want to live in busy built up areas- as this is precisely what they are wanting to emigrate from. Now is the time to buy Inland before prices soar.

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