Varna Region

Varna is well known by the thousands of tourists who flock to the popular Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the summertime not only because many travel via Varna’s international airport but because the city is in close proximity to all the major resorts in Bulgaria.

Varna offers visitors and residents a wealth of entertainment as well as cultural and historic attractions and this article is about the history, economy and present day life in Varna, Bulgaria.

After Sofia and Plovdiv; Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria, it is located on the shores of the Black Sea and as a port city in Bulgaria Varna is strategically highly significant. The city has a strong economy built on tourism but also on trade and transportation and in 2004 Varna was named by FDI magazine as ‘European City of the Future’ because of the strength of its economy and its positive prospects for the future.

Historically Varna is an incredibly ancient city, it was established in 580 BC as a Greek trading base and has changed hands many times over the years. Varna’s chequered past means that today it is a centre of great historic interest with many astonishing archaeological finds having been made in and around the city including the oldest gold treasure ever found.

Varna is appropriately also known as “The Summer Capital” of Bulgaria because in the summer months the city really comes alive. Its many cafes and bars spill out onto the streets and the nightlife of Varna heats up. Because Varna is close to all the beautiful Black Sea coastal resorts and visitors and residents in Varna have direct access to clean stretches of untouched sandy beach and the beautiful clear waters of the sea the title “The Summer Capital” is also appropriate.

In terms of the attractions that visitors can experience in Varna they range from historical and cultural attractions such as visiting the city’s cinemas, theatres and opera house or visiting mausoleums and museums. Alternatively Varna is quite a popular sporting town with activities ranging from football to beach volley ball and visitors can either participate or spectate!

Many international buyers and expatriates who have recently bought property in Bulgaria have done so near Varna and so the city has quite a strong international flavour which is particularly well reflected in the wealth of different cafes, bars, bistros, restaurants and clubs there are in the city all offering a unique theme and flavour and all home to many different types of people.

Therefore for those seeking some social and gastronomic entertainment Varna is a great place to be and a good way to discover what’s on is on the Nightlife Bulgaria website. Here you select your city and the type of entertainment you’re after and the site lists all the venues that fulfill your requirements.

After Sofia, Varna is probably the most international city in Bulgaria and whether you’re considering visiting or are thinking about moving to and living in Bulgaria full time Varna has plenty going for it and is well worth a visit.

North Eastern Bulgaria- specifically the Balchik and Kavarna area, -20 mins North of Varna ; has been successfully debunking the myth that the country is just a low budget destination and cannot meet the requirements of visitors with exacting demands. This northern part of the black sea coast now offers much more than just “fish and chips”. Nowadays; it is known as the centre of Bulgarian golf tourism, or- as the advertisements say- “where golf meets the sea”.

In 2005, Gary Player- one of the most successful golfers of all time, swore that Bulgaria was going to have the best golf course in the world. To make sure of this, he designed it himself. Located between Balchik and Kavarna- in the Dobruzdha area- the 18 hole course “BlackSeaRama” sits on an elevated plateau facing the sea. At the end of May 2008- it opens a golf academy which will meet the highest standards in golf instruction facilities. The development stretches over 246 acres and the course covers 161 of them. Deluxe villas are being built on the remaining land with the first complex being already sold out. So far, the most expensive property is a villa overlooking the sea which sold for 1.4 million euros. The course is playable from June 2008 and the whole complex will be finished in 2010.

Just when it seemed the area could not do better, Ian Woosnam designed a course in the Balchik area- 30 km north up the coast from Varna. A five star hotel will also be built- separating the complex from the sea.

Low budget properties in the above developments will cost between 1200-1500 euros per square metre but prices for villas will reach 735,000 euros. However, for the same class of property in Spain, buyers would have to pay at least double these costs. Gary Player is developing another resort in the area and luckily for investors and buyers, courses near to each other are not a problem in the world of golf. Golfers prefer destinations with several golf courses so that variety is guaranteed and if they try one then they usually try them all. As the mild local climate allows playing 10 months of the year, it seems the Varna region of Bulgaria has everything that it takes to become the next golf capital.

If people moving to Bulgaria want to live in the countryside- away from traffic and noise etc- but only want to spend around £100,000 (GBP) for a 4 new bed detached house in a ¼ acre of land- and only 50-60 mins from the above world class golf courses then they can. If people want to live near the golf courses and on the coast- then they will pay more than double for that choice.

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